Market Snapshot April 26, 2021


Good Monday PM,


My apology for the late start. Not much going on at all. Dan Rawitch shared that “Bonds are up on the morning but flat from the close on Friday. I expect to see predominately sideways movement until after the FED meeting Wednesday. Once Powell is finished speaking, anything is possible. Also, it is a VERY important news week (earnings, taxes, inflation, etc..). The most significant we will see this quarter. My point is that we could see a break above or below the above ranges and depending on the direction of the break, the move could be big. At this time, I am still looking for a continuance of this rally and I am looking for a break above the current resistance level. To be clear I have no way of knowing what Powell may say or what the GDP and consumption numbers will look like this week, so my prediction relates solely to the bullish formation on the charts.”


Please remain safe and healthy, make today great!