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Market Snapshot 4/2/24- Your Hometown Lender

Good Afternoon from your Hometown Lender,

Apologies for the late update but it seems to be working in our favor today as despite some stringer than expected data, bonds have turned the early frown upside down and are now positive on the day.

Lots of interesting quick hits to share.. Let’s go quick..

According to the Pew Research Center, a quarter of all adults ages 25 to 34 now live in a multigenerational living situation.

Tax day is soon and the Government kicked the budget can down the road a bit longer, but what does it mean. Are consumers and the economy healthy? Households were holding a record $17.5 trillion in debt last year, including record sums tied to their credit cards and vehicles, according to the Federal Reserve. Those with rising debt balances say they are going to use their tax-refund checks to pay down their loans. About 40% of Americans rely on refunds to make ends meet, up 4 percentage points from last year and the Congressional Budget Office warned in its latest projections that US federal government debt is on a path from 97% of GDP last year to 116% by 2034 — higher even than in World War II. The actual outlook is likely worse. Additional reasons why the Fed will have to cut rates and take some burden off consumers.

Interesting housing metrics/stats.

FHA Loan More Common Now vs Pandemic | $76k Annual Income New Baseline For Typical U.S. Starter Home!

And… why did I spend so much sending my kids to college when Gen Z is being called the Toolbelt Generation?

America needs more plumbers, and Gen Z is answering the call.

The skilled trades are newly appealing to the youngest cohort of American workers, many of whom are choosing to leave the college path. That could help solve a long-running labor crunch, reports Te-Ping Chen.

“There’s still a presumption that four-year college is the gold standard, but it doesn’t take as much work to get people to buy into the viability of other options,” high-school counselor Steve Schneider said.

Please remain safe and healthy, make today great!