You are currently viewing Market Snapshot 09.08.23- Bonds Are Showing A Bit Of Life

Market Snapshot 09.08.23- Bonds Are Showing A Bit Of Life

Good Friday AM,

Bonds are showing a bit of life.

The news today was non-existent. It is going come down to the news next week when we get CPI, PPI and Consumer Sentiment starting on Wednesday.

From the WSJ:

Home prices aren’t falling anymore. After dipping on a year-over-year basis for five consecutive months—the longest run of declines in 11 years—U.S. home prices rose in July. The surprisingly quick recovery suggests that the residential real-estate downturn is turning out to be shorter and shallower than many housing economists expected after mortgage rates soared last year. Scarcity is a big reason. High interest rates have prompted homeowners to stay put rather than buy new homes and take on more expensive mortgages, resulting in an unusually low inventory of homes for sale. Homes that do list often still receive multiple bids, driving up the final sale price.

I don’t know I could have made this any shorter today.

Please remain safe and healthy, enjoy the weekend and first, make today great!!