Adam Kahn

Adam Kahn

Loan Officer

NMLS #1053707

Office: 702.589.2126

Mobile: 702.465.1035


Adam Kahn: Born and raised in New York, it’s been quite a journey to end up in Las Vegas, which I now consider  my home. After graduating school in New York, I moved out to Chicago to pursue a career in futures trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. There I traded currency futures for close to 10 years. When computers came around it really altered the business and I found myself and my then girlfriend, now wife, moving  to Las Vegas to figure out where life would take us.


We moved to Las Vegas in 2005 and have never looked back. I got into the mortgage business as a natural progression from my history of finance and because I was investing in properties. The realtor who was helping me find properties simply said, ‘Why don’t you look into getting into the mortgage business?’ and that was that. It’s been a great because my love of numbers and markets is a perfect fit.