Market Snapshot March 12, 2018


Good Monday A.M.,


Not much going on yet today. Stocks having a bit of a down day and bonds are getting a little bump. The 10-yr Treasury Auction just finished and the results were… eh. I think the buyers are still waiting for the 10-yr to creep up to 3.00% before jumping back in. There is a lot of economic news coming this week starting tomorrow, most importantly, we get a lot of inflation data. Next week is the FOMC meeting which the market has already fully priced in a 25bps rate hike.


Not much more to share other than it was a great surprise to see Tiger Woods being competitive after 4 back surgeries (the last of which they fused some of his vertebrae) and I was inspired by the athletes at the Paralympics. If you haven’t watched those games, it is worth it. #GoUSA


Make today great!